KAESER Energy-Saving System – KESS

We can reduce your costs by up to 30%

Using the Kaeser energy-saving system, KESS, we process the data determined by the ADA, and design a compressed air supply for you that saves up to 30% of your energy costs – possibly more!

  • We then compare several possible concepts in order to achieve the best possible efficiency.
  • We take into account the performance of the station during its overall service life. This means that any weak points in partial load operation can be detected in advance and remedied.
KESS – energy-efficiency evaluation

We calculate energy efficiency by precisely comparing power consumption with the delivery of compressed air.

KESS – Kaeser Energy Saving System

The most economical is selected from several possible concepts.

Itemised: We get to grips with your energy costs

30 percent less energy consumption with the Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS)

Using ADA and KESS, Kaeser’s experts are able to plan and design a system that is specially tailored to meet all of your compressed air requirements, and which will keep your air costs to an absolute minimum.

The result: Up to 30% lower energy costs – in some cases, even more!