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Thomas Kaeser, Vorstandsvorsitzender von Kaeser Kompressoren

14. 08. 23

Thomas Kaeser turns 70: A life led with passion and wisdom

“My brother is my role model, because he is always level-headed, remains calm, and does not see ‘problems’, just ‘challenges’ to which there is always a solution”. This sentence, written by one of his sisters many years ago in a school essay, neatly sums up Thomas Kaeser’s approach to life. On the 14th of August, he celebrates his 70th birthday. Born the third of seven children, amongst his siblings he learned early on how to negotiate and find solutions: “There were always seven different opinions and seven different perspectives, all of which had to be coordinated in a target-driven manner,” he remembers fondly of his childhood and youth. “That was good training in how to run a company.”


10. 05. 23

Topping out ceremony: Super-fast thanks to teamwork

In just under nine months, the new Hall 14 has risen from the ground on the premises of Kaeser Kompressoren. On Wednesday, the topping out ceremony was celebrated.

With the intelligent Aquamat i.CF, Kaeser Kompressoren has redefined condensate treatment. Available for delivery volumes up to 90 m³/min, this new oil-water separator now comes equipped for the first time with the Aquamat Control internal controller, which undertakes active management of the process whilst simplifying maintenance planning and making service work cleaner.

Rotary screw compressors are the dependable backbone of an industrial compressed air supply. With a multitude of features, the innovative CSD/CSDX range from Kaeser Kompressoren fulfils this role more efficiently, dependably and economically than ever before, whilst at the same time reducing your company’s CO² footprint.

Pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, healthcare, chemicals – these industrial sectors place especially high demands when it comes to compressed air quality. For those who wish to achieve these requirements cost-effectively, CSG rotary screw compressors from Kaeser represent the perfect choice. These new models are particularly efficient and require very little installation space.

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