Heatless regenerative desiccant dryers from 0.20 to 1.13 m³/min

Durable space-savers

Compact DC series desiccant dryers are reliable, quiet and efficient. Thanks to high-quality and generously-dimensioned components, these durable space-savers also guarantee impressively low life-cycle costs. 

Configurable operating modes contribute even more energy-saving potential. Flexible compressed air connections and the SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller’s standard-equipped network interface ensure easy installation and integration into the compressed air network.

  • PDP down to -70 °C
  • Network-capable SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller
  • KAESER FILTERS – optionally available with ECO-DRAIN or manual condensate drain on prefilter

Your benefits:

  • Durable and reliable unit design 
    The durable design of DC 2.0 – 11.3 series desiccant dryers is evident thanks to such high-quality features as long-lasting aluminium desiccant tubes, maintenance-free shuttle valves and cartridges filled with a pressure-resistant desiccant material that remains stable in the presence of liquid water. For maximum protection of the desiccant material and the downstream piping network, these compact dryers are equipped with highly efficient KAESER FILTERS.
  • High efficiency – ultra-low pressure dew points
    Optimised flow conditions ensure maximum desiccant regeneration capacity for minimal air demand. Even at sustained high load levels, the required pressure dew points (-40/-70 °C) are reliably achieved with minimal pressure loss, either in fixed cycles or via Pressure Dew Point Control. Moreover, further energy savings can be achieved if necessary by means of Compressor Synchronisation Control or operation in Intermittent mode.
  • Quick installation and simple network connection 
    For simple functional checks and swift element changes, efficient KAESER FILTERS are mounted on the outside of the machine. Flexible connections allow them to be attached in variable positions to the upper valve block. The front panel offers simple and convenient access to the valves, silencers and ECO CONTROL SMART controller.
The perfect partner: the AQUAMAT oil/water separator
AQUAMAT condensate treatment system

Our tip: Take advantage of cost-effective, legally-compliant treatment of condensate before drainage into the regular wastewater system with AQUAMAT oil/water separators.

Minimise maintenance costs

Use of DC desiccant dryers reduces maintenance costs by up to 20%.

Where air demand is low, maintenance costs often play a decisive role in achieving lower life-cycle costs. Therein lies one of the DC series desiccant dryer's core strengths; 

in addition to their efficient operation, they also stand out for their particularly long maintenance intervals of 5 years for valves and desiccant material. This makes these durable space-savers especially economical. 

In comparison with conventional dryers, more than 20% of the costs for maintenance parts can be saved, whilst further savings are contributed by the reduced number of maintenance tasks required for the valves and desiccant material.


Product details

High efficiency – ultra-low pressure dew points

DC series desiccant dryers contain a premium-quality activated alumina. Uniform beads of dust-proof material are fed into the desiccant cartridges via a procedure known as “Rainfilling”.
This optimised filling process creates even flow channels within the desiccant bed, thereby allowing the full capacity of the beads to be utilised. 

This offers several advantages: Regeneration consumes less energy compared to other types of desiccant. The water load is comparatively low. No sintering and a significantly faster return to the original pressure dew point even under demanding operating conditions.

Operating parameters and messages available in real-time with the ECO CONTROL SMART controller.

The ECO CONTROL SMART controller allows DC series desiccant dryers to be connected to the SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 master controller and the SIGMA NETWORK. Operating parameters and messages are therefore available in real-time.

The main menu of the ECO CONTROL SMART controller allows the following information to be displayed: pressure dew point setpoint, dryer operating mode, mains voltage hours, time to next maintenance and current software version. The last 20 warning and alarm messages can be recorded in the message history with a time stamp. The network connection and units system can be configured via the Settings menu.
In addition to the Modbus TCP interface, the ECO CONTROL SMART is equipped with inputs for remote control and for connection of an ECO-DRAIN condensate drain and pressure dew point sensor. Operating, warning and alarm messages can be transmitted via a floating output.

Technical specifications