i.Comp 3

Specially designed for trades applications

No matter what the project or which construction job is nearing completion - you have a reliable partner by your side with the i.Comp 3.  The i.Comp 3 provides you with a versatile and dependable supply of oil-free compressed air at all times.

This flexible all-rounder can be taken anywhere thanks to its low weight and space-saving, compact design.

The i.Comp 3 is available with the following performance specifications:

  • Constant pressure up to 11 bar
  • Flow rate up to 160 l/min

Your advantages

  • No compressed air receiver required
    The variable speed motor eliminates the need for a compressed air receiver.
  • Oil-free compressed air
    The oil-free compression system eliminates the need for oil level inspection and oil changes.
  • Constant pressure
    Even with cable lengths of 150 metres, the i.Comp starts up easily to deliver constant pressure of up to 11 bar.

Product details

New drive concept
The i.Comp 3 does not require a compressed air receiver.

The variable speed motor of the i.Comp 3 combines a number of advantages. Most notable is the elimination of the need for a compressed air receiver. The compressor always delivers the exact amount of compressed air that is actually needed. This design aspect not only negates the need for a compressed air receiver, but also makes the unit lighter, more compact and easier to handle.

With its completely new drive concept, the i.Comp 3 is a true endurance performer. The i.Comp 3 is a premium quality reciprocating compressor for trades applications. Designed for an electrical supply length of 150 metres, this versatile compressor offers exceptional flexibility on any construction site and for every project.

Oil-free compressed air
The i.Comp 3 compression system is oil-free.

A big advantage of the i.Comp 3 is its oil-free compression system. As the compressor generates oil-free compressed air, it can be used in an even wider field of applications compared to conventional compressor systems. The elimination of the need for oil refilling and annual oil changes reduces i.Comp 3 service costs to an absolute minimum.

Easy to operate
The i.Comp Control controller was specially developed for the compressor.

The i.Comp Control controller is intuitive to use and was specially developed for this reciprocating compressor. Required pressure can be precisely adjusted easily and conveniently using the controller’s arrow keys. Five service functions allow the user to quickly and easily check compressor functionality.

Automatic condensate drainage
The i.Comp 3 utilises new technology to evaporate accumulating condensate.

An innovative solution evaporates the oil-free condensate with no residue.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: