Electric portable compressors

MOBILAIR e-power

Electric portable compressors from KAESER truly come into their own wherever an electrical power connection is available. Their whisper-quiet electric drive makes them the perfect choice for use in low emission and noise protection zones. The emissions-free drive also means they are ideal for operating in tunnels, excavation pits and buildings. 

Electric portable compressors are perfectly equipped for every application, no matter how challenging. These portable powerhouses are incredibly durable, compact and energy-efficient. e-power makes them particularly simple to handle and exceptionally maintenance-free, thereby saving you time and costs.

MOBILAIR e-power compressors are extremely versatile when it comes to their application. The chassis can be equipped with or without an overrun brake and is available with a fixed or height-adjustable tow bar, meaning that this electric all-rounder can easily be transported to wherever it may be needed. Because they operate so cleanly, they are also well suited to bridging operations when maintenance is required at industrial facilities.

Performance data:

  • Flow rate up to 24.7 m³/min
  • Gauge working pressure up to 15 bar

Your benefits

  • Quiet and emissions-free
  • Can operate in low emission and noise protection zones
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs

Operation in enclosed spaces

Electric compressors for large projects

Powerful MOBILAIR M250E and M255E stationary portable compressors are designed specifically for outdoor operation. Their compact design allows these units to operate in locations where space is at a premium. Moreover, transportation by HGV is simple and convenient, since two e-power units can be accommodated side-by-side on a single loading bed. Lifting eyes are fitted to ensure safe load-securing, whilst massive skids enable the units to be moved easily into position. The skids also protect the underside of the body from damage.

Thanks to robust technology and a star-delta starter, electric stationary portable compressors are tough performers, capable of operating in temperatures from -10 °C up to +40 °C. A special, low-temperature version featuring an internal heater can also be specified as an option, allowing operation at temperatures down to -25 °C.

The MOBILAIR M250E and M255E are both delivered ready for connection and fitted with a circuit breaker switch. Furthermore, the user can choose between connection via a terminal box or quickly and easily using a POWERLOCK – the better solution for constantly changing set-up locations.

MOBILAIR M250E and M255E units can be specified with a modem for connection to Industrie 4.0 systems. This can be connected directly either to the KAESER Plant Control Center, or to an in-house Telematics system , for secure transfer of data relating to the machine's technical status. In addition to information regarding current operating hours and the precise physical location of the unit (including Geoleashing), the system also provides valuable data such as duty-cycle analysis, maintenance planning and remote diagnostics.

Simple, intuitive operation

Intuitive setting of cut-in and cut-out pressure

Intuitive operation of MOBILAIR compressors with SIGMA CONTROL SMART.

e-power compressors are operated using just six keys, making them exceptionally simple and intuitive to use – start/stop control and pressure adjustment couldn’t be easier. The colour display indicates alarms, shows all operating states and features a countdown to the next scheduled maintenance. A lockable metal flap protects the control panel from malicious damage or unauthorised access.

If the compressor is equipped with the optional DUAL control mode, the required cut-in and cut-out pressure can be adjusted easily using the SIGMA CONTROL SMART. Information regarding the prevailing air network pressure is sent to the machine via a quick coupling, where it is processed by the controller. The DUAL control mode option also features an automatic start-stop function, which can be configured individually.

Integrated compressed air treatment

Compressed air aftercooler

Integrated compressed air aftercooler fitted as standard on MOBILAIR portable compressors from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

The compressed air aftercooler, fitted as standard, is installed at an angle so that the condensate flows out when the unit switches off, thus avoiding any potential frost damage. The separated condensate is collected in the standard-equipped cannister when operating for short periods. Alternatively, the unit can be connected to an AQUAMAT oil/water separator for longer periods of operation.

Save time and costs
Reduce energy costs and save time with electric portable compressors from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

Thanks to the electric drive, no engine oil, fuel filter or engine oil filter changes are necessary. This means longer service intervals and consequently less downtime for the machine. Savings of up to 25% are possible in comparison with the energy costs for a portable compressor operated by diesel engine. Save yourself time and money with MOBILAIR e-power.